We hope you join the movement towards promoting the reconciliation of science and faith in a world where there is way too much hostility between them. How?

  • You can encourage others to find comprehensive and factual information through ScienceAndFaith.org.
  • Students: we particularly want to encourage you to not give into the false dichotomy of feeling like you have to reject Christian faith in order to accept mainstream science or vice versa. We know that it can feel lonely to try to keep the faith in school, especially college. There are many, many others in the same boat. One of the best things you can do is to be in a group (even if it is a small group like many of the settings of the earliest churches) with like-minded Christians. Ideally, you can find such a group on your campus. If not, start a group of your own – even if it starts with a just a few people, there are ways to help it grow. And maybe develop some friends that will last a lifetime in the process. We have ideas and resources available. 
  • We also appreciate helpful feedback, reactions, or questions in the spirit of improving this site.
  • If you would like to participate in this budding movement, let us know and any ideas you may have.
  • If you would like to add blog articles, submit your blog (directly or via the FaceBook site icon at the bottom of this page) for us to review or a link to the blog post/article. We carefully review blogs to assure the quality of our blogs. We are also looking for a few select collaborators and partners in this cause.
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