Welcome National Youth Workers! 


Welcome to ScienceAndFaith.org. This site can help your young people (who statistically are likely to leave the faith in their late teens or early 20's) to find ways that they can reconcile science into their faith.  

If you want to learn more, check out the pages of this website, especially the Home page (with 3D video of interstellar space on laptop and desktop computers), Christian Approaches to Creation, and the Table: Christian Views of Adam & Eve. There's lots of ways you or they can delve deeper from there, including video and material from each of the major supporters of each of the Christian appoaches to Creation (you can click on the approaches you are interested in by clicking on it at the bottom of this page). We welcome those from all approaches to submit blog posts on their point of view. By the way, we're always interested in suggestions or questions. You can submit those to info@scienceandfaith.org. And for those who are interested in more info or in working with us, check out the Join Us page for more info. 

Chances are you can't push a point of view to your youth. Besides, some of them may not show much interest in this area now. But many will - sooner or later. You can encourage them to check out the extensive information on this website when they are ready. By the way, we offer a quantity of business size cards with the basic information as you see on the side panel. Just let us know how many you want.